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Sarp Cebeci
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Just your generic Dark Angels player.
Sharing posters irregulary because to be honest finishing or making posters mostly depends on my mood so if I don't share stuff, I'm probably not dead but hunting fallen at the time.

Slowly getting into prop making bussiness or maybe cosplay. You might start seeing Warhammer weaponary, shields and armors in future.

My Facepunch account: darkness279 ->…

Free Visitor Maps at

I'm watching you... Boo!




The Lions of Macragge

"The Lions of Macragge" are the Space Marine Command Squad of Cato Sicarius, Captain of the Ultramarines' Second Company.

As of late M41, the Lions' roster is:

  • Veteran Sergeant Daceus
  • Apothecary Venatio
  • Ancient Vandius
  • Honoured Brother Gaius Prabian, Company Champion
  • Honoured Brother Malcian
  • Chaplain Elianu Trajan
Thanks :iconjoazzz2: for helping me on editing and editing some parts of it.

Anyway all of you know Ultramarines are coming out first. So here's my model test shoot for up coming pack. 
Pack will include all old tanks, transports, flyers, walkers with new textures besides that 2 new models added to the vehicles and walkers.
Marines are expanded to cover all 10 companies of Ultramarines (for now), Guilliman is added with a special design helmet. There are more stuff which you can check for yourself when pack is released. 
Forgotten Ones
In depths of a forgotten death world, there was only a squad of World Eaters who never got the butcher's nails were stuck but the thing they didn't know was, it wasn't just a normal death world in the meantime it served Eldar as a ritual world.

In the end, squad of World Eaters' fate was sealed with wraithbone which will lead to their deaths.

(Kinda hate making fog/mist, it's not good so might comeback to this.)
Space Marine models made by :iconjoazzz2:.
Chanting Death
"Bravery is stronger than Adamantium. One is the stuff of the soul-forges, the other an illusion of safety created by fools. Adamantium walls cannot keep us out! We have the courage of the Emperor! And in the Emperor's name... ATTACK!! ATTACK!! NO PRISONERS!!"

Models are made by :iconjoazzz2:.
Daemon Engine of the Skull Champion
Marines and Daemon Engine made by :iconjoazzz2:. (Defiler is still W.I.P.)

Unlike the tanks and vehicles of the Imperium, which are operated by humans, a Defilers is controlled by a daemon. Chaos Sorcerers use arcane Chaos magic to draw the essence of a powerful daemon from the Warp and trap it within the rune-bound hull of the machine. Powerful spells of appeasement and pacification are utilised to keep the newly bound daemon from causing havoc among the forces of Chaos.

Standing on six piston-driven limbs, the Defiler's hull supports a massive turret, which houses the main armaments of the infernal machine. While Defilers are usually seen with large arrays of weapons, such as a Reaper Autocannon and a Havoc Launcher, its main firepower comes in the form of a battle cannon. There are often variations of the weapon systems used; in some cases, Reaper Autocannons have been upgraded to house twin-linked heavy bolters or lascannons instead, whereas there have been sightings of Defilers with heavy flamers on multiple occasions.

Treachery in the Halls of Macragge
Models (Space Marine and Primarch) made and artwork is edited by :iconjoazzz2:.
I posed the models and done the scenebuild.

While organizing the creation of Imperium Secundus Guilliman survived an assassin attempt by an Alpha Legion
 squad disguised as Aeonid Thiel and other Ultramarines. Honour Guards gets in and helps Guilliman afterwards.

Unedited version:…


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